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"To understand southern charm, you have to be raised with it. To grasp the essence of southern beauty, you have to appreciate it."

Candace Howard’s appreciation and understanding of southern style, is as unique and genuine as the name she gave her latest entrepreneurial venture: Reckon Perch Design Company. “Reckon” being a familiar southern explanation of agreement or attempt; and “Perch” describing a soft balance of rest, such as a colorful songbird lighting on a fence row, or a graceful southern woman sitting in a front porch rocker.

Southern style, balance, and grace introduced themselves to Candace at a very young age, while living in the small delta town of McGehee, Arkansas. It was there that she discovered a love and passion for classical dance. She would eventually turn that passion into her first successful business, by creating Candyland Dance Studio. Over the past twenty years, her studio has helped Candace teach countless numbers of children classical dance, while also instilling in them the artistic charm of her own southern heritage. During this time frame, Candace also worked hard to expand upon her own education. She pursued higher learning through the University or Arkansas at Monticello, and achieved a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Her passion for education continued to take her further, ultimately resulting in a successful fifteen year career with the Southeast Arkansas Educational Cooperative.

However, Candace’s achievements are not limited to simply business ventures and education achievements. The true pride of her life resides in her family. Becoming a wife and a mother has taken her to new levels of personal development. It was also the love and support of her husband and daughters, as well as her many dear friends, that gave her the resolve and strength to create her design company. Candace is excited to take on any project, big or small, and work within any budget. She is also not limited to southern style designs. She can accommodate any type of design or decor, with a wide range of ideas and presentation. She wants to use her company to instill joy in other people’s lives, and to encourage those around her to dream big and believe in themselves. This journey is so much more than just her passion for design and decoration. It is about her love for others, and a commitment to her community. It personifies her outlook on life, and provides an avenue of support for local organizations and promotion of small businesses.

Reckon Perch Design Company launched in 2017, and continues to cultivate new seeds of growth and inspiration, four years later. What began as one woman’s dream, has now become the pride of an entire community. The true embodiment of its creator, Candace Howard, Reckon Perch epitomizes southern beauty through it’s creations, while also serving as a solid blueprint for charitable achievement. It is business done well, and business done right.


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"Reckon Perch helped Robert and I love our home again! Candace Howard knew what we wanted when we couldn't put it into words. Truly Talented and a special friend!! We will be calling upon Reckon Perch Design Co. again and again." - Christy Kirst

"Your passion for kindness and commitment to life and your family and businesses!" - Nelwyn Birch


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